I forgot why I was writing and almost walked away

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You owe it to yourself

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Living consciously and curiously is my better choice, methinks

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“The unexamined life is not worth living” said Socrates

The pandemic blues have finally hit and I’m fantasizing about normalcy

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A Mantra for living a more harmonious existence — with all that’s going on

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“Live And Let Live”

The bliss of finding a storytelling medium that works for him

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The G-word, fueled by envy is an ugly thing

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Choosing who we listen to and learning from life’s mistakes can help

“John Wayne, Hona 1970 en el set de Big Jake.” byTxemari — Argazki.

The power in having a side hustle

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A rule I try to live by

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Compassionate champion of the human condition and its potential. In awe of this experiment called Life. Writes about emotions, acceptance, empathy, action.

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