Okay, I’m Officially Bored

The pandemic blues have finally hit and I’m fantasizing about normalcy

4 min readDec 13, 2020


Image by g3gg0 from Pixabay

Yes, after nine months spent ever so diligently avoiding COVID (successfully to date, although never say never), I am officially BORED.

As a disciple of habit, I thought this would never get old for me, but maybe I’m not quite as dull as I suspected.

I’ve been outside daily, getting in my 10K steps, discovering every possible walk nearby:

There’s the school running track I can walk with Kindle in hand.

There’s the walk through the park on the paved pathway.

There’s the walk that combines street viewing (to check out pretty houses along the way) and the forest path.

There’s the walk through the forest with the dogs.

There’s the walk through the forest without the dogs.

You get my drift.

I suspect I’ve finally hit my own official Groundhog Day role.

And I’m working, admittedly on commission, but regardless, there are only so many productive hours of work. After all, it’s” Still Work!” So I want a break after 8 hours.

All in all, my time spent at home has gone from being a joy to being slightly…less…joyful.

Now please don’t get me wrong. Next to that alternate life we all used to lead: getting up earlier to get that public transportation to the city, tussle with the crowds, work eight or so hours and do the return wrestle home. No Thank You.

Even writing that was exhausting!

So a commuting-to-work life is not the answer.

I’ve been thinking about France: about Parisian cafe culture, sitting outside, spring weather, blue sky, dressed cool – European style – tight clothing, dark, stylish.

I can picture it now. Perhaps with a few friends, perhaps smoking (even though I can’t stand the things after 25 years away). But generally living that life (remember that life?) when in hindsight we didn’t have a care in that pre-Covid world, and sitting around, huddled, close, like Covid dangerous close.




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