I forgot why I was writing and almost walked away

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Ah, the seduction of those few extra hours in bed.

The calling of Christmas day — only one week away. .

Surely a time for some respite from ALL THIS WORK? THE Godawful YEAR?

And then comes Christmas Day, followed by Boxing Day, followed by the day after Boxing Day,

And suddenly I’m out of practice… almost.

So mid-evening, a few days later, I finally sit down to write again.

Coming easier than I thought, but fueled by guilt. Fueled by anger at myself for so easily letting this go.

All it took was the promise of a new job…

You owe it to yourself

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Don’t you just love it when you’re in that really good mood, and there’s a smile at the ready, willing to spring out at every nuance in the day?

That you see the funny side of life in that moment and seem to be living lighter?

Akin to when teens seem to find everything worth giggling about. I know, terribly annoying at the time, but when that ‘jading of aging’ arrives, we may wish for it again.

I can’t quite recall the last time I felt blissfully happy, but I welcome the thought of it. …

Living consciously and curiously is my better choice, methinks

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“The unexamined life is not worth living” said Socrates

The way I understand this quote is that in order to live life fully, I also need to look to improve: gain in wisdom, and have more compassion any way I can.

This quote does make me feel better about being such a ‘self-examiner’ writer. It’s what I speak to most of the time, try as I do, to be more diverse in my writing style.

I suppose some would call it ‘my brand’, but that philosophy as a hobbyist currently is very unappealing. As with most of us, being one-dimensional…

The pandemic blues have finally hit and I’m fantasizing about normalcy

Image by g3gg0 from Pixabay

Yes, after nine months spent ever so diligently avoiding COVID (successfully to date, although never say never), I am officially BORED.

As a disciple of habit, I thought this would never get old for me, but maybe I’m not quite as dull as I suspected.

I’ve been outside daily, getting in my 10K steps, discovering every possible walk nearby:

There’s the school running track I can walk with Kindle in hand.

There’s the walk through the park on the paved pathway.

There’s the walk that combines street viewing (to check out pretty houses along the way) and the forest path.

A Mantra for living a more harmonious existence — with all that’s going on

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

“Live And Let Live”

Such a simple mantra. It feels so much like a simple truth we can all abide by, right?

And yet, these days, one only has to watch TV to see that allowing others to live as they choose, is antithetical to the world we live in. Today it’s a sin to be different, to have differing views or ways of life.

Now I’m not stating that I’m toleration personified. I have my own gripes and prejudices in life, but I’d rather walk away than fight over mere opinions. After all, everyone’s allowed one. …

The bliss of finding a storytelling medium that works for him

Photo by Sam Barber on Unsplash

It’s always wonderful to hear about people who are natural storytellers, either in-company or in written form.

Watching these individuals get fired up by their rapt audience is also captivating. Their ease kicks in, and they’re at one with the story.

Their face would take on a warm glow — or perhaps that was the alcohol, and a light sheen of perspiration, demonstrating some effort and vigor in the telling.

I loved it. As an audience member, I’d thrive within this aura of communal sharing, as long as I wasn’t at the center of it. …

The G-word, fueled by envy is an ugly thing

Photo by Courtney Nuss on Unsplash

Gossip — Such an ugly thing . . .

And yet appealing in so many ways.

I feel gossip is an excellent indicator of where we are in our respective lives. The times I’ve chosen to gossip have been when I was least happy in myself, my circumstance, looking for some way to feel better.

Gossiping to me is usually the darker side of one’s character, looking for a way to feel superior in that moment. It can either be due to knowing something someone else doesn’t, so getting that surprised reaction gratifies.

There’s also that satisfaction from bringing down…

Choosing who we listen to and learning from life’s mistakes can help

“John Wayne, Hona 1970 en el set de Big Jake.” byTxemari — Argazki.

—So speaketh the prophet, John Wayne.

I know, this quote sounds pretty harsh — but then, this is JW. We can’t necessarily expect loving overtures from the man, the cowboy, the legend.

And it tickled me, for various reasons, including just how ‘on brand’ it was for him. But the real reason it became the title is because of just how true it is.

And I’m not looking to be disrespectful, I’m simply thinking of those who choose to be adamantly attached to opinions, outlook, perspective — with no curiosity.

These people aren’t looking for more information to expand their…

The power in having a side hustle

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Wasn’t this what our parents warned us? — The danger of hoping too much for that one thing and having no Plan B.

Sounds wise. After all, with age, you realize the prudence in hedging your bets, not having your heart broken by dreams that don’t transpire.

And didn’t parents generally tell you to go to college, get that corporate job, with benefits, and climb that proverbial ladder?

Of course, the irony of this is that by fulfilling their wishes, you end up putting your eggs in that single basket — the corporate job. You didn’t see it that way…

A rule I try to live by

Photo by Jonas Vincent on Unsplash

I can’t recall where I heard this initially, but I’ve always loved its simplicity and wisdom.

Imagine living life by this philosophy, of aspiring only to speak when these rules apply.

This is who I want to be. You?


Kindness is underrated, in my opinion. Who doesn’t like being a recipient of kindness Kindness implies open-heartedness, a willingness to be of service, to be understanding.

But I never hear about it out in the world. It’s rarely mentioned. It’s not cool, hip, of the day. But kindness reaps dividends, even though that should not be its intent. …


Compassionate champion of the human condition and its potential. In awe of this experiment called Life. Writes about emotions, acceptance, empathy, action.

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