The pandemic blues have finally hit and I’m fantasizing about normalcy

Yes, after nine months spent ever so diligently avoiding COVID (successfully to date, although never say never), I am officially BORED.

As a disciple of habit, I thought this would never get old for me, but maybe I’m not quite as dull as I suspected.

I’ve been outside daily, getting…

Choosing who we listen to and learning from life’s mistakes can help

—So speaketh the prophet, John Wayne.

I know, this quote sounds pretty harsh — but then, this is JW. We can’t necessarily expect loving overtures from the man, the cowboy, the legend.

And it tickled me, for various reasons, including just how ‘on brand’ it was for him. …


Compassionate champion of the human condition and its potential. In awe of this experiment called Life. Writes about emotions, acceptance, empathy, action.

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